How can you Take Personalisation to the Next Level?

Posted by Marketing & PR on 20 Aug 2019

How can you Take Personalisation to the Next Level?

Creating personalised content that resonates with your audience is imperative to keep them engaged and improve conversion. Recent Infosys research shows that 31% of consumers would like their buying experience to be more personalised than it currently is.

Each person has slightly different interests, needs and pain points. Recognising and catering to these differences with your marketing message will help you gain a competitive edge and realise a good ROI.

By personalisation we mean much more than just adding the users first name to an email. Personalisation can be utilised in more exciting and engaging ways, such as product recommendations based on behaviours.

“According to Econsultancy, more than 78% of businesses admit that first name personalisation to customise messages is the only kind of personalisation they currently use.”

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can take your marketing personalisation to the next level and help your business stand out from the competition.

Optimise Lead Capture for Personalisation

Data capture forms are a key opportunity to gather audience information that can help you segment your audience to ensure you deliver personalised email messages. The key with forms is to get the balance right between how much information you want and how much the user wants to give you.

Put in too many mandatory fields and it may affect conversion rates, so think about the information you need for personalisation and ensure you only include those. Using a Marketing Automation platform such as SharpSpring can help you create optimised data capture forms.

Form-building features allow you to include optional fields to help new subscribers map on to your buyer personas for segmentation and they can also auto-fill data for existing contacts, making it quicker and easier for them to give you their information.

Create Consistent Messages Across Channels

There are lots of ways to personalise your messages across marketing channels, such as email, your website, social, messaging and advertising. The beauty of personalisation is that your leads are more likely to convert after interacting with your business on several key touchpoints.

Creating consistency in your messaging and in the way you use personalisation across multiple channels is key to ensuring your audience become familiar with your brand and recognise you whether they are on your website, have received an email or are browsing social media.

There are many ways you can integrate personalisation insights across marketing initiatives and it’s imperative that your teams are aligned to ensure they are all working from the same strategies and guidelines to achieve the same objectives.

Use Dynamic Content

Dynamic content or adaptive content as it is otherwise known is content that changes based on the behaviour, preferences and interests of the user. It relates to websites and email content and is generated at the moment a user requests a page.

Dynamic content is personalised and adapts based on the data you have about the user to ensure it serves them content they will be interested in. Dynamic content delivers an engaging and satisfying online experience for the user.

Marketing Automation platforms allow you to create dynamic content that you can automatically make small changes to based on the user’s demographics and behaviour. You can change elements such as images, messages and offers to appeal to the user.

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